Talking to local businesses about how they manage their drivers and vehicles is always interesting, as there is often a wide range of both opinions and knowledge as to what represents legal requirements and what represents best practice. Having chaired a round table discussion for the Herts Chamber of Commerce today with my colleague Melvyn Hodgetts of Driving for Better Business, we found that the local businesses of Welwyn Garden City were no exception.

Yolanda Rugg, CEO of Herts Chamber and her colleague Amy Rich, in charge of business development, had hand picked a selection of members to attend and discuss how they manage various aspects of fleet risk, and the benefits to business of managing it comprehensively and effectively.

Topics such as safe driving policies, business insurance for those using their own cars, and the reputational risks involved in running a fleet of sign-written vans were the ones that provoked most debate.

This event was the last in an initial series of eight we have run with different Chambers across the country with Volvo Cars and the government-backed Driving for Better Business Campaign. The DfBB message is about how businesses can make dramatic savings in fleet costs by safer management of this risk, and how the safety technology now common in Volvo’s fleet models is proven to significantly reduce crashes, protecting both the driver and other road users, reducing costs still further.

All attendees will be receiving a white paper shortly covering all the topics we discussed and we will be making further information available to the rest of the Herts Chamber membership in due course.

Thanks to Yolanda and Amy for bringing some great guests and to Ali and Richard at Marshall Volvo in Welwyn Garden City for providing the venue and the biggest bacon rolls we’ve ever seen!