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Reduce Your Fleet Insurance Premium

We help businesses lower their fleet insurance premium by reducing their risk profile or helping them to find a new insurer that will offer better terms.

Are you paying too much
for your fleet insurance?

Poorly managed or high-risk fleets can pay many times the premium of a well run low-risk fleet. Improvements could have a big impact on your bottom line.

New insurance options for
fleets with poor history

We work with a number of specialist brokers to provide quotes on any size of company fleet – even those with poor previous claims histories. We have access to niche markets who are prepared to work with higher-risk fleets provided that appropriate risk management strategies are developed and implemented.

Reducing your risk profile
to reduce premium

We help fleets develop appropriate risk management strategies aimed at lowering their risk profile to justify a reduction in fleet insurance premium. This can involve a range of actions such as new management policies and procedures, driver profiling and training, changes in vehicle procurement strategy and the fitment of technology such as telematics or dashcams.

Accessing support from
brokers and insurers

Often, a company’s broker or insurer may offer financial support for the implementation of activities aimed at reducing the insurance risk profile. We work with you and your broker to maximise the assistance and the effectiveness of the risk reduction programme.

How we can help

  • Review your current policy and accident record
  • Arrange a new quote for fleet insurance
  • Look at ways to help you reduce your risk profile

The above can be completed separately or as part of our comprehensive fleet risk health check.

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