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Mock Trials for Managers & Staff

Immersive training sessions for senior management teams, your drivers and team managers to ensure everyone understands both their legal obligations and the potential consequences of management failures.

Occupational road risk mock trials

Board workshops

What keeps you awake at night? We run presentations and Board workshops to examine potential incident scenarios that your business could encounter and then stress-test your awareness of the requirements and the policies and procedures you currently have in place. Our Board workshop facilitators have decades of experience working with some of the UK’s biggest employers and include legal, judicial and transport safety experts. Our Board workshops are conducted on a strictly confidential basis allowing for a completely open discussion about current concerns within the business.

Where specialist expertise is required on regulatory law, we have a close working relationship with the barristers at Pump Court Chambers who provide more detailed support and guidance to our clients nationwide.

Pump Court Chambers

Middle management

Even if your organisation has strong leadership and robust Board-led safety policies and procedures, the company can still fall down on duty of care obligations through a lack of awareness and poor decision making among lower levels of management and supervisory staff. They need to be fully up to speed.

Middle managers often don’t have the required understanding of the company’s legal obligations and don’t therefore understand the consequences of weak management in this area. We run workshops and training sessions to help raise awareness of obligations on occupational road risk at all levels of the company.

Your drivers

Our ‘In the Dock’ mock trials are highly realistic theatrical presentations based on the type of serious incident that your employees might encounter, highlighting why it is essential to follow established company procedures at all times. We have presented many mock trials on at-work driving including scenarios that focus on incidents following a failure to follow policy, driver distraction and incomplete vehicle checks. Audiences have ranged from 50 – 600.

We are the UK’s leaders in mock trial presentations using real barristers and judges mixed with professional actors. They are presented in a unique way that really engages and involves the audiences giving them a complete awareness and understanding of the issues.

How we can help

  • ‘In the Dock’ workshops for Senior Leadership Teams
  • ‘In the Dock’ immersive sessions for managers and drivers
  • ‘On the Road’ driver awareness workshops
  • Resource packs to reinforce driving for work policies

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