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Improve Risk Management & Compliance

Understand what your duty of care entails, what your legal obligations are, and where the costs for running your vehicles could be excessive.

Management awareness

Asking staff to drive for work presents one of the biggest risks and some of the biggest operating costs to businesses. We advise management teams on how this really impacts their business, and how to manage the different complex issues more effectively.

Fleet risk gap analysis

Looking at company procedures, drivers, vehicles and journey profiles, we help you identify areas for cost reduction and improvement in risk profile. We look separately at company procedures, drivers, vehicles and journeys.

Legal compliance

The business, its directors and the reputations of both could all be at risk in the event of a serious incident involving one of your drivers. Recent incidents have seen some employers exonerated due to exemplary management and others prosecuted for failures that contributed to the incident. We help employers ensure legal compliance to minimise these risks.

Record keeping

Accurate and up-to-date driver and vehicle records are essential. Our secure cloud-based system gives fleet managers confidence they are meeting their legal requirement to have a robust audit trail of all records relating to their drivers and vehicles including licence checks, policy acceptance, driver training records, insurance, servicing and repair history, etc. Our system also supports grey fleet drivers (those who make business journeys in their own privately-owned cars) who need to be managed in the same way as those who drive company vehicles.

** We can arrange a free online demonstration and a free 90-day trial of the system. Contact us using the form below if you would like further details **

Policy development

Following on from the fleet risk gap analysis, we help develop policies and procedures to help you close the gaps as well as handbooks, communication strategies and monitoring systems to ensure your drivers follow the rules.

Improve efficiency

Poor management of drivers and vehicles can mean the company is wasting huge amounts of money in unnecessarily high operating costs including, tyres, fuel, servicing and maintenance, fleet insurance, repair costs and third-party claims. Any failings or improvements in these areas have an immediate impact on your bottom line so we can help you look at the business case for action.

How we can help

  • Risk assess your current position
  • Develop driving for work policies and handbooks
  • Run management workshops and mock trials
  • Arrange free trials of our record management system

The above can be completed separately or as part of our comprehensive fleet risk health check.

Occupational road risk mock trials

Using actors, filmed evidence and real legal and judicial professionals, we can create immersive training sessions for senior management teams, your drivers and team managers to ensure everyone understands both their legal obligations and the potential consequences of management failures.

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