Fleet Health Check2019-01-27T11:41:22+00:00

Cost & Risk Health Check For Your Fleet

A comprehensive health check on your management procedures to see where you could reduce the costs and risks associated with your drivers and vehicles


  • Risk assessment
  • Management awareness
  • Driver checks
  • Driving at work policy
  • Vehicle checks
  • Driver communication
  • Record keeping & audit trail
  • Measuring and monitoring
  • Identifying trends and acting on data
  • The problem of ‘hidden’ data

Management Information

  • Baselining current fleet operating costs
  • Benchmarking against expected costs
  • Identifying behaviour/cost/data trends
  • Acting on data to correct negative trends
  • Understanding telematics data
  • Understanding the impact of driver behaviour on costs
  • Rewarding success to engage drivers

Cost Reduction Opportunities

  • Baselining current fleet operating costs
  • Vehicle maintenance costs
  • Damage and repair costs
  • Fuel costs and procurement options
  • Fleet insurance premium and excess payments
  • Third party claims